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Big fundraising updates and more...

Good News! This girl has a UK Tier 4 Student Visa allowing her to study in the UK for the year.

Now I just need to figure out a way to raise the remaining $7,855 for my studies... but every day is a surprise as my generosity campaign continues to inch closer and closer to my goal (click here to donate). I'm almost $1k up from the last time I posted thanks to kind donations from many encouraging and thoughtful friends. There have also been many other sources through which people have expressed their generosity and support:

1) Last week the school sent us a list of materials needed for training (as well as an incomplete class list comprised of 11 of us so far—coming from America, Canada, Australia, and India!). After four years at Boston University's School of Theatre, it looked awfully familiar.

Some materials (Shakespeare Lexicons, an "Actions Thesaurus", character shoes, about five different editions of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare) I already owned, but there were several books and plenty of dance wear that I do not have on that list. So I turned to my ever-growing community of actors, theatre-artists, narrators, Shakespearean scholars, dancers, movers, shakers, and more to see if they might be willing to donate any of the following items:

Gear: •soft & flexible knee pads •long black rehearsal skirt (the kind that makes a nice big circle) •black footless tights •black leotard (not long sleeve) •split sole jazz shoes

Books: •English Pocket Dictionary (Oxford or Collins) with IPA includes •A Shakespeare Glossary (Onions) •A Concise History of Theatre (Hartnoll) •An Anthology of English Poetry/ Penguin Book of English Verse •Stagefighting: A Practical Guide (J. Howell) •Finding Your Voice (Houseman) •Longman Pronunciation Dictionary 3rd Edition (Wells) w/CD •Shakespeare's Words (D&B Crystal) •CD: Access Accents: Received Pronunciation: accent training resource for actors (Strong & Dyer) •Any good American plays with a part for me (especially contemporary) -also accepting recommended titles

So far, so good! Friends and family have sent me jazz shoes, a rehearsal skirt, and all books but a pocket dictionary, An Anthology of English Poetry and Stagefighting: A Practical Guide! That's pretty amazing! And a phenomenal way to donate. If you have any of these items or wish to gift them to me, please send me a message and I'll get you my mailing address!

2) The very kind and wonderful Francis Hamit, author of my very first audiobook gig, has donated 1,000 copies of his historical fiction, The Shenandoah Spy, to my fundraising efforts! If you are interested in reading to raise funds click this link: Buy THE SHENANDOAH SPY for $22.50

All proceeds (after processing fees) are directly donated to my education!

The Shenandoah Spy follows Belle Boyd, the famous spy who played a key role in Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign. This narrative take place between July 1861 and July 1862 and is the first in a series about the Confederate Secret Service and the women who were its most effective agents. Belle Boyd was the first woman in American History to be formally commissioned an army officer.

3) A very talented friend of mine, Shay Revolver, has given me the actor's donation of my dreams: a paid (and really f***ing cool) acting gig! On July 29th, I'll head back to Boston for a few days on the set of "Best Friends Forever (Literally)". I'll be playing Miriam Michaels in this kick-ass, feminist, horror web series. There will be lots of fake blood, and I get to play the amazing, and adorable, Sterling James' (Celeste Michaels) mother:

Set in the late 1980's, "BFFs follows Wren Starr and Celeste Michaels, two tweenage girls who become friends after Wren moves in with her Uncle Nick next door to Celeste. The girls bond over Wren’s mother’s recent arrest and Celeste’s single mom’s recent cancer diagnosis. After months of growing close the girls sneak out to go Trick or Treating – a decision that will change both of the girls’ lives forever."

Oh, and I'm still riding high narrating two (successfully crowdfunded) audiobooks for the amazing K.M. Rice: Darkling and The Wild Frontier. Stay tuned for release dates!

xx G

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