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Summer's lease hath all too short a date

Only a couple weeks in and Summer is already flying by. Visa panic bookended a peaceful, holiday-weekend in the country:

I somehow managed to relax with a book by the pond and enjoy the stunning Mount Holyoke College Botanical Garden while in mid-madness with my application. But on the 5th of July it was off to the UCIS in Boston to get my biometrics done! And as of today my Visa is out for approval. Wish me luck! This week the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School released this exciting promotional video which really kept my eye on the prize:

Today also marks one month from the start of my Bring Gail to Bristol fundraising campaign. I'm so proud, and unbelievably honored, to report that in my very first month I've just passed $6k! That's 40% of my goal in four weeks!

If you've been waiting to donate (or want to donate again because you are an angel on earth), now is the time: while things are understandably slowing down just a bit as the fundraiser starts it's second month, I am absolutely sure that I can hit 50% funded by the 15th with your help! Please consider donating or passing this along to your super wealthy and benevolent neighbor here: https://igg.me/at/suojYImXvjc

There is a lot of information on why the opportunity to study at BOVTS is so special and important to me, as well as a list of fun rewards for all levels of generous backers. One of my favorites is the 7 selected Shakespearean Sonnets package:

I've been preparing these sonnets (doing text homework, like a good actor) and truthful, delightful, simply beautiful snippets of verse float through me as I do like the sweet breeze on a hot, July day. Here are a few particularly delicious ones:

"...this huge stage presenteth nought but shows/Whereon the stars in secret influence comment"


"And summer's lease hath all too short a date"


"learn to read what silent love hath writ"

I know, simply scrumptious.

In addition to spending some quality time buried in The Complete Works, I've also stepped back into the studio this week to begin recording an audiobook two-years in the making (and successfully crowdfunded) called Darkling by K.M. Rice. We anticipate a late August release, which means they'll be plenty to listen to straight out of the studio before I leave!



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