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Crowdfunding: Week One and other preparations...

For those who didn't hear.... week one of crowdfunding $15k is going well. I'm almost at $5,000, a 1/3 of my goal! That's pretty amazing in a week.

It's been an interesting experience, running a crowdfunding campaign. The first step: swallow my pride (as many artists have to do) and start asking for money. More dignified than begging? Debatable. Step two: come up with a really well-designed, captivating, and well-explained campaign and video. Step three: Share the crap out of your exciting news and desperate need for donations without coming across as obnoxious. Step four: Hope the generosity of your friends and their friends keeps rolling in. I'm sure I haven't totally succeeded on step three, although my co-worker did say she was pretty impressed with how non-annoying all my posting was (thanks, Emi!) but on all other fronts this has been a much less painful experience than I anticipated.

In huge part, this is due to the soaring success of my first week. My campaign has been featured on the Popular Fundraisers page consistently. And I've been receiving donations from so many unexpected sources—old friends I haven't seen in 15 years, professors I had in undergrad, my childhood neighbors, my coworkers from a job I stopped about three years ago... it's really been nothing short of incredible.

In addition to my constant posting of "thank-you"s and updates, this (near boiling) weak in the Valley has been spent researching visa applications, virtually meeting four other women on the course (one Canadian, one American, and two Aussies!), and sorting out potential housing. I can't give you any details yet... but I'm pretty sure I know where I'm living for the year, and it's pretty fantastic!

If you want to donate or pass on the link here it is: https://igg.me/at/suojYImXvjc​

Now it's just finding a suitcase big enough to carry a year's worth of belongings (can't forget my character shoes, Complete Works, or clown nose)... any leads are greatly appreciated;)

(I guess I can't bring ALL these plays and books on Shakespeare^)

Sending endless love and gratitude into this world that's being so good to me!



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